Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Going to the Usa For higher studies

The main advantage you gain by going to the usa for higher studies is that you will obtain enormous experience and and explore new problems and crisis.

Another wonderful thing about studying in the usa  is that you can apply for green card lottery while your studies in the usa university and when you win a green card you will become automatically eligible for permanant residenship in the usa and also bring in your dependants like your mother ,father, and siblings under the age of 18.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Cambridge Gce A Levels

Many people all over the world spent money and study for their Cambridge a level qualification , instead of doing the free government hold local examination in their respective countries, such as in  Sri lanka. Their reasons and aspirations may be to enter into one of the foreign university and enroll in a undergraduate program.

Foreign university education like in the university of Cambridge and Oxford in England , there the tuition fee is sky high , like about 30000 sterling pound per year to do Course in Medicine or Engineering .
So what most students from developing countries do is that they simple opt in to study for simpler degree programs like bachelor of science or arts.

Some other students work part time jobs to supplement their income and hence are able to support their livehood in their country of higher studies.

Most students leave their home country with the intention of not returning after completion of their studies but instead work there and earn money.
Although most countries provide post study work permit for 2 or 3 years  such as Australia or New Zealand , still getting a post study visa in the UK is very restricted nowadaays and only available for the most talented graduates or for works which the locals are not able or interested to do.

You can leave behind a comment for me to be able to blog about specific areas of visa or permanent residenship   or anything related to this field.

Choosing the country of university choice

There are many factors in deciding the country of the choice of your university degree.some of them are listed below:
2.Tuition fees
3.Living cost
4.Other expenses
5.Air flight ticket
6.Availability of part time jobs and the number of hours allowed to work part -time .
7.Rent for houses
9.Availability of scholarships.

Courses in medicine getting a mbbs degree

Becomming a doctor is a great thing by itself.Usually doctors are the most respected and looked after people of the society because they sacrifice their lives to help other peoples health.Even though they are the ones that get the highest salary , it has no efect on the care the  doctor takes on the individual patient in a government funded hospital where the patient doesnot pay the doctor even a cent.

To become a doctor you will have to need strong determinationa and effort abd be prepared to spend a decade time of your life immersed n books and practise.
I assure you that all you efforts will not be in vain during the medical studies time.They will be reaped at the time you get reputation from the service you do for your patients .

Firstly you will need good a level or equivilant results in your high school to get entrance into one of the medical schools in the world.
The tuition fees will be sky high if you are enrolled as a international student in another country, but in your own country it would be free or affordable for you.
The avereage time to get a mbbs degree is 5 years plus one year of internship,  so thats almost 6 years in total.

Try to make a search over the internet with keywords "mbbs scholarship for undergraduates" to be able to find scholarship to fund your education in the university.If you have any specific questions on this topic please be free to comment them and be assured of my personal help.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Welcome ect

In this blog you will find all information about which university courses you can select, the types of different requirements to enter those universities and the ways in which you can fund your tuition fees and how to get a scholarship.

Please leave a comment below if you need any personal help.

The major fields of university courses with the highest tuition fees and highest salary are medicine (mbbs) and engineering.
The are many medical campuses throughout the world from which you could obtain a mbbs degree and practise medicine.There are even some countries where university education is almost free for international students including courses in  medicine ,engineering and molecular biology and many more.(Dental carriers come under the same category as medical educational campuses and universities.